MetroWest Fund for the Environment

Mass Audubon conservation land

Caring for Natural Areas

We believe in building and supporting healthy communities with good schools, safe neighborhoods, strong public services, and most critically, a sound environment.

MetroWest is fortunate to be home to abundant and diverse natural resources, from wetlands, forests, and wildlife to rivers, lakes, and ponds. But these resources are not infinite. Home to a human population of more than 650,000 and strong corporate and industrial sectors, MetroWest’s natural resources face increased demands and threats like water pollution, invasive species, climate change, and other harmful impacts.

Your donation to the MetroWest Fund for the Environment helps support local groups that are making a difference in our region to manage and strengthen water infrastructure and reduce the causes and effects of climate disruption, including research and advocacy, green infrastructure practices, and engagement in local conservation efforts.


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The Foundation is not currently offering grant opportunities through this fund.

Charles River Watershed Association

A multi-year grant to support the continued work of the Charles River Climate Compact (CRCC) to promote sharing and collaboration on watershed-wide solutions.


A multi-year grant to support the building and management of a new Climate Resiliency Coalition for municipalities across the SuAsCo watershed.

Neponset River Watershed Association

To support a study of the Neponset's MetroWest trout streams and to develop restoration plans to address the problems faced by each stream.

Charles River Watershed Association

To support initiatives to strengthen local municipal understanding of separated storm sewer system permit requirements and engage community residents in resiliency planning on a local level.

Massachusetts Audubon Society, Inc.

To support work with the City of Framingham and other partners to showcase effective regulations and on-the-ground Low Impact Development projects.

Massachusetts Rivers Alliance

To support research of state-delegated US NPDES programs that identify best regulatory practices and pitfalls to avoid.

Waltham Land Trust, Inc.

To support the creation of a Hardy Pond Watershed map.

Charles River Watershed Association

To support the Conservation and Drought Preparedness project.

Massachusetts Audubon Society

To support the work of Shaping the Future of Your Community program.

Massachusetts Rivers Alliance

To support efforts to reform state policies and practices.


To build public support for investment in green infrastructure.

Commonwealth Green Low-Income Housing Coalition/OHCDC

To support the Gray Water Initiative.