Town Funds

Home is where the heart is. Whether it’s the town you grew up in or the town that captured your heart.

We all want our community to be everything it can be. Not just for us, but for everyone who lives there. And not just for now, but forever. Whether you establish a Town Fund or make a gift to an existing Town Fund, you become part of a permanent endowment, helping your community in perpetuity.

Do you love where you live? Many of us feel strong ties to a town or community, and want to make sure that it continues to be a wonderful place to live. As a result, communities around MetroWest have set up Town Funds.

Family admiring conservation land

Adults walking through Wellesley Community Gardens

These permanently endowed funds work to bolster the quality of life for all residents in their town. The funds support innovative programs and services that help make life safer, healthier, and more enjoyable for all members of the community in the areas of health and human services, recreation, community building, environmental protection, and the arts.

Each Town Fund is led by a volunteer community board with a deep understanding of local needs and the local nonprofits that address them. These committee members oversee fundraising, review applications based on published criteria and recommend grants to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Town Funds

To learn more about these funds or if you are interested in setting up a fund to support your town, please email Mary Crowley or call 508.647.2260.