Additional Information for Advisors

Legal Name: Foundation for MetroWest

Tax I.D. Number: 04-3266789

Incorporated in: 1995

What is the Foundation for MetroWest?

Foundation for MetroWest is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in MetroWest. We serve as a resource, leader, and catalyst for philanthropy by connecting donors with nonprofits, and nonprofits with each other, across the region. Our expertise is valuable not only for those who know where they want to give–but also for those who may not have the time or tools to identify pressing local needs that address personal giving goals. The Foundation manages philanthropic initiatives for donors and nonprofits while reducing administrative challenges and providing greater tax advantages. We help ensure that gifts are targeted where they will do the most good, both now and in the future.

What type of fund can my client establish?

The Foundation for MetroWest offers many types of funds to help your client accomplish their charitable goals.

How do I help my client establish a fund?

It’s easy to establish a fund at the Foundation for MetroWest. Your clients simply decide which type of fund best meets their interests and needs, determine their charitable priorities, select a name for the fund, and make a contribution.

How are you different from the commercial gift funds like Fidelity or Vanguard?

The Foundation for MetroWest offers more charitable funds than commercial funds, including permanent endowments that honor a family’s legacy. In addition, we offer personal assistance and expertise in local issues and nonprofits that commercial gift funds cannot match. Our expertise is valuable not only for those who know where they want to give, but also for those who may not have the time or tools to identify the pressing local needs and which nonprofit organizations best meet those needs. Of course, grants from donor-advised funds can be made beyond MetroWest to any qualified public charities anywhere in the country or around the world. The Foundation for MetroWest also provides leadership, networking, and social opportunities.

What kind of assets can my client use to open a fund?

Funds may be established with many different types of assets. Our staff is experienced at evaluating unusual assets for charitable purposes.

Why not establish a private foundation?

There are many practical reasons why establishing a charitable fund at the Foundation for MetroWest might be better than creating a private foundation. Opening a fund at the Foundation is simpler and more cost-effective than establishing a private foundation. The Foundation can help your clients establish their own Donor Advised Funds quickly and efficiently with a minimum gift of $10,000. Comparing the two options may provide useful information.

Can the Foundation for MetroWest help my clients leave legacies in their MetroWest communities?

Yes, we’re the best choice. The Foundation for MetroWest plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining charitable dollars in the region to create strong, vibrant communities, now and for the future. We are committed to preserving the region’s remarkable legacy of giving. When your clients leave the Foundation for MetroWest in their wills, they can establish funds in their names that will make grants to the causes and organizations they care about. Your client’s legacy gifts may establish endowed funds or add to existing funds. A legacy gift supports in perpetuity the causes, organizations, and communities that are most important to your client. If your clients would like to be acknowledged, the Foundation will welcome them to the MetroWest Legacy Society. Learn more about our planned giving program.

Will you come to my office to meet with my client or make a presentation about the Foundation for MetroWest for my colleagues?

Absolutely! We would be happy to meet you. Please contact Mary Crowley, Director of Operations or call us at 508-647-2260 to make arrangements.