Why Partner With Us

Whether you are an attorney, estate planner, accountant, or financial advisor, you always have your clients’ best interests at heart. So do we. Foundation for MetroWest is here to help you serve your clients better. We can help with philanthropic planning, adding value to your practice and your client relationships. Professional advisors are our valued partners in the charitable giving process.

Research has shown that not only are clients open to discussing philanthropy with their advisors, they are also hoping you will start the conversation. As your philanthropic resource, we can help your clients understand the many ways they can support the communities they love and achieve their financial and charitable goals.

Foundation for MetroWest is a good fit when your client…

Wants to give back to their community, especially here in MetroWest

Needs guidance on how to have the most impact with their charitable giving

Hopes to involve children and family members in giving

Has specific charitable goals or interests

Is considering establishing a private foundation

Wishes to include a charity in an estate plan

Is developing a corporate giving program

Experiences a life event such as the sale of a business or an inheritance

The Advantages of Working With Us in Serving Your Clients

The Foundation for MetroWest is here to help your charitably-inclined clients meet their goals. Regardless of what issue moves them to take action, we can help you find or create a resource for transforming their philanthropic dream into a meaningful reality that evolves with them and their needs.

We provide:

  • In-depth knowledge of the needs of the MetroWest region, which nonprofit organizations can effectively meet those needs, and where your clients’ charitable contributions can have the greatest impact
  • Highly personalized service tailored to each client’s philanthropic interests and goals
  • Strategies for discussing charitable giving with your client
  • Respect for your role as your clients’ trusted advisor
  • Ability to accept a wide range of assets and work with your clients to facilitate even the most complex gifts
  • Maximum tax benefits allowed by state and federal law
  • Easy, flexible (tax-free and bureaucracy-free) solutions for your clients’ charitable gifts.
  • Variety of philanthropic funds to meet your clients’ unique financial and charitable goals
  • Fund agreements and estate planning language that is easily adaptable
  • Investment Committee

Variety of resources for you in advising your clients on how to achieve their financial, personal, and philanthropic goals. To draft a plan that’s tailored to your client’s particular needs, consult with Foundation for MetroWest or invite us to join a meeting with your client. Always completely confidential, free, and without obligation.