News & Updates | Nov 16, 2022

Data Insights on Children Living in Poverty

Foundation For Metrowest

As we previously shared with you, Impact MetroWest our interactive website has been refreshed with current data and analysis about the region to help educate and inform the community. The following insights about children living in poverty as well as additional information about our region can be found on Impact MetroWest.

An Impact Fact: Children Living in Poverty
Poverty thresholds vary by family composition and year. In 2020, the threshold for a four-person family with two children was $26,246.

In 2016-2020, about 51,600 children in MetroWest were living in poverty, or 8% of all children under 18. This was down slightly from 10% in 2011-2015. The region’s rate was lower than the state as a whole (12%), and well below the national rate of 17%.

Milford had a child poverty rate of (16%), Waltham (12%) and Framingham (11%). Sample sizes for most other communities in the region were too small to report reliably. For comparison, the 2016-2020 child poverty rate in Boston was 25%.

Why is this Important?
Children raised in impoverished environments are at higher risk for a wide variety of health and social problems, including poor performance in school. The challenges they face in childhood can diminish their chances for successful adult lives.

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