Agency Endowment Program

By creating an Agency Endowment Fund at the Foundation for MetroWest, your organization can build a lasting endowment that will provide you with a permanent and reliable source of income.

With greater competition for donors, it becomes more important for nonprofits to think about their future and establish predictable sources of income. An endowment can effectively stabilize the income of an agency and insulate it against fluctuations in contributions.

A permanent pool of assets—professionally managed by our seasoned investment committee and advisors—generates income for your organization and has the opportunity to grow over the long term.

There are many advantages to having an Agency Endowment Fund at the Foundation for MetroWest.

We Protect Your Money

Gifts to your Agency Endowment Fund are permanent. Once they enter the fund, they can never be liquidated, ensuring your purpose and mission outlast any potential organization volatility.

We Invest Your Funds Deliberately

Our investment strategy aims for superior long-term returns with minimal risk. We take our responsibility of preserving the endowment for future generations seriously. Our Finance and Investment Committees are committed to maintaining a diverse, balanced portfolio managed by trusted advisors.

We Offer More Giving Options

The Foundation for MetroWest can accept gifts—privately held stock, mutual funds, and real estate—which might be difficult for your organization to normally accept. We process gifts quickly and systematically, so you and your donors can capitalize on upswings in the market. See all the ways your donors can give.

We Work Together

All gifts to your Agency Endowment Fund are restricted for your use only. While commingled for investment, your agency’s endowment will not be used for any other purpose.

Being invested in a larger pool of assets can lead to greater growth, greater income, and lower investment fees.

We handle investment management and oversight, all accounting and financial reporting, and all annual tax filing.

You have the flexibility to choose and reinvest all or part of the income generated by your endowment fund in years when it may not be needed, so the fund may grow to provide greater stability in the future.

Your endowment fund receives exposure in our annual report and other marketing documents, reaching a wider range of donors than on your current list.

All gifts to the Agency Endowment Fund are tax-deductible at the highest levels allowed by law.

For questions or more information, please contact us.