Southborough Community Fund Grants

As a fund of the Foundation for MetroWest, the Southborough Community Fund (SCF) is a source of funding to support community needs and opportunities in the areas of Human Services, Arts & Culture, Environment, Community Building, and Education, and provides ways for residents to make an immediate impact in their community. The SCF, with the leadership, expertise and support of the Foundation, will provide a source of funding exclusively for the town of Southborough. It is the Community Board’s goal to fund projects that bring innovative thinking to big issues and small ones – for the benefit of Southborough.

Southborough Community Fund Education Mini-Grants

Southborough Community Fund will accept education mini-grant requests on a rolling basis for initiatives or programs that total $750 or less that enhance the educational experience of students in Southborough Public Schools.

SCF will give grant proposal priority to….

  • Innovative ideas
  • Ideas that indicate they will significantly enhance the educational experience/process
  • Employee innovative methods
  • Idea/programs that will benefit present and future students
  • Direct and immediate impact to a wide range of students
  • Are not typically funded by school budget (i.e. books and electronic devices)
  • Project has potential for long term impact within the school systemSCF will NOT support:
  • Teacher Training/ Professional Development
  • Salaried positions
  • Programs/ equipment not supported by the District
  • Field Trips
  • Funding beyond initial Grant Award (i.e. programs need ongoing support)

To apply for a mini-grant ($750 or less), please email answers to the following questions to [email protected].

  1. Contact Name and Email Address
  2. School(s) to be impacted by this request (Finn, Woodward, Neary, Trottier, Algonquin Regional)
  3. Project title
  4. Project description (please include ALL details you think pertinent for the board to fully understand your project)
  5. Describe the goals of the project
  6. Approximate number of students who will benefit
  7. Estimated cost/Amount requested and a breakdown of all requested expenses
  8. Yes or No:
    1. Have you researched the best price?
    2. Do you have Principal approval?
    3. If approved, are you willing to recognize SCF on social media and/or provide feedback to SCF in regard to this grant?

Southborough Community Foundation Education Grants

The 2022 Southborough Community Fund Education Grant Program is closed. Please check back for updates regarding future funding opportunities.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

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